Did you know that termite damage is the leading cause of the destruction of residential properties in Texas? Approximately 1 in 30 homes in Texas are infested by termites annually, and often these infestations can go unnoticed.

Nest development for a colony of termites is slow in the first few months, but within a few years the queen termite will peak and begin producing up to 10,000 offspring a year. The worker termites live on average two years, but the queen lives upwards of five years; making it extremely common for a mature colony to contain over 30,000 active termites at any time.

Why Termites Are A Problem

Termites will feed on cabinets, floors, ceilings, wooden furniture and are capable of traversing through plaster, drywall, metal siding and more. Although the time it can take for termites to do any significant structural damage is three or more years, the real concern is in the kind of damage they can do in those three years. Since these tiny insects eat away at the inside of the wood, it can be quite difficult or impossible to know the extent of the damage or how much strain it will put on the entire framework.

Termites Damage can be expensive

Every infestation is different, so there is no way to say precisely how much damage termites will do or how quickly they will do it, but on average homeowners spend over $600 per visit to rid their homes of termites – not including repairing the mutilation done by these pests. The Subterranean species of termites are not only the most common but cause the most damage to property. This species costs Americans billions of dollars each year in repairs.

How Termites affect home sales

Although homeowners or buyers may not be able to see the signs of a house with termites, the property inspector will have the necessary tools to identify the location of these insects. A recent survey in Texas showed that over 40% of home purchases that were terminated by the buyers were due to the report filed by the inspector and 25% of those cases showed intensive and unreported termite damage.


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