Selling can be tricky

If you are looking to sell your house by hiring a realtor or try to sell it on your own, be prepared to invest some time. It is an intense, lengthy, and costly business transaction. Selling your house using conventional methods requires constant communication and collaboration between many individuals.

Even though you don’t have much control over how fast the realtors, banks, and escrow companies work, you do have some control to increase the speed at which your house is placed under contract. With a few modifications to your home, you can quickly make your home more appealing to buyers.

Curb Appeal

The first place you want to start is the home's curb appeal, as this is the first experience buyers will have with the property. Curb appeal is crucial as it represents how their neighbors and their families perceive the homeowners. Spend some time and money on landscaping by planting flowers or bushes to increase the beauty of your lawn. Have someone paint the numbers of the home’s address on the curb or mailbox if it falls within your HOA guidelines.

The goal is to give your potential buyer a warm and cozy feeling when looking at the property. Another common tool to help with the initial impression of a home is to replace the front door. Throw out the dinged and scratched door currently on display, and replace it with a new strong, beautiful door. These changes will make a huge difference in how the house is first perceived.

Organize and Remove Clutter

The next step to increase how soon your house can be placed under contract is to decrease clutter in the home. Again, buyers want to imagine themselves living in the home they are looking to buy. Removing excess furniture or unnecessary personal belongings from your home will help them get a picture in their mind of what their furnishings could look like in those rooms.

Also, invest some time into a thorough cleaning of the bathroom and kitchen areas. Cleanliness is a huge selling point for purchasers and providing them with an immaculate view of these rooms can make a huge difference in whether a buyer will put an offer down.

Make sure the price is right

The last thing to remember is to be vigilant in your pricing of the home. Homes that are overpriced will remain on the market. It’s important to research what other homes are selling for in your neighborhood. Square footage, rooms, bathrooms, yardage, and any amenities need to be carefully considered before resting on a price to sell your house. You do not want to overprice or undervalue your home, so the time invested in finding the right price is crucial.

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