One of the most common questions we get is how we determine the cash price offered for a house. The answer is quite easy! We believe every step of selling your property should be as easy as possible – that includes calculating a fair and reasonable price for your house.

Site Visit

When a seller calls us, we arrange a time and date to visit the property to start the offer process. While some companies will give their final offer over the phone, without inspection, we want to take our time in getting you the best possible deal for your house, which includes taking any updates to the property into account.

Homeowners tend to only center on any “negatives” they perceive about their properties, but we know there is unspoken and unseen value in every home. Our experience, skills, and time-sculpted knowledge of the industry ensure that we calculate a fair price for your home.

Calculating Updates and Repairs

Our calculation of the offer doesn’t only include the condition of your house – there are many factors we add to our consideration. One of the main variables in the amount we can offer for a home is the market value of your home and neighborhood. Knowing what other houses in your neighborhood are selling for is a crucial part of our calculation. We want to verify you get the best price for your home, so we will take the time and effort to get this right for you.

After visiting the property, we then will calculate the list of repairs needed, if any, to place the house back onto the market. These repairs can range from small paint jobs to more substantial renovations, such as replacing a roof and the ensuing water damage or releveling a foundation.


Even though home improvements can add-up quickly, we use our own team to save a considerable amount on labor. Moreover, by working actively to ensure you the most profit for your house, we continuously look for ways to cut costs while maintaining the highest level of quality.

Once the offer is accepted, the seller can pick up their check for the full cash price within a week of calling us. It’s that easy!

Get a fast and fair cash offer for your property today!

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